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Las Vegas Salsa and Bachata Classes Best School

Welcome to the Best Salsa and Bachata Dance Classes in Las Vegas

We are the ONLY academy in Las Vegas that specializes in ONLY teaching salsa and bachata.

Master all the details of salsa and bachata dancing in an atmosphere that is WELCOMING and ENJOYABLE!

Beginners welcome here!


Planning a wedding or a special event? Spice it up with salsa and bachata! Book us for wedding dance lessons, corporate events, birthdays, special date nights, and more!


Learn to salsa and bachata on your terms! Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your moves, our skilled instructors will guide you with patience and precision.

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Customized curriculum tailored to your dancing goals and aspirations.

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Personalized attention from our expert instructors.

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Convenient dancing lessons that fit your schedule.

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Unparalleled learning experience that you'll find nowhere else.

Looking for salsa / bachata group classes? Secure your spot now! Join the waiting list. 


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Trusted by Google to run their employee salsa and bachata programs

Las Vegas Jennifer Grey Dancing with the Stars Salsa and Bachata

Trusted by stars such as Jennifer Grey (Dancing with the Stars Champion, “Baby” from the original “Dirty Dancing” film)​

Las Vegas Equinox Gyms Salsa and Bachata

Trusted by the prestigious Equinox Gyms to build their salsa programs


Salsa and bachata classes for beginners are our specialty!

Our progressive, structured, comprehensive dance training programs will take you from A to Z.

Our dance class environment is friendly and welcoming so everyone can quickly get comfortable.


When we're not in class, we dance, dine, and spend time together - lots of friendships are made here!

Salsa Bachata Las Vegas
Las Vegas Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy Classes

Las Vegas Salsa & Bachata Dance Academy Values

  • Dancing should be the best part of the week. We aim for fun, fun, fun!

  • EVERYONE can dance - it doesn't matter how many "left feet" you have. You will learn here.

  • Class should be welcoming and comfortable.

  • All students are family. We support each other in class and lift each other up and often build friendships that last a lifetime.


Every human who wants to learn salsa or bachata is welcome at the Las Vegas Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy. We are a diverse group of positive humans from all walks of life.

How are salsa and bachata the same or different?

Both are latin partner dances. Both have a leader and a follower. The dances are freestyle, meaning that the leader decides the moves on the spot. Traditionally the man is the leader and the lady is the follower, although these days we leave it open to each individual to decide their role.


Salsa and bachata music are two different genres, with salsa music usually being much faster than bachata music.


The dance of salsa has more spinning for follows and more speed and energy. It could also be considered more technical. Salsa has it's roots in Cuba (and arguably Africa).


The dance of bachata is slower, closer to the partner, often more sexy or sensual, and a bit easier to learn. Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic.


These days, latin clubs for dancers typically play both bachata and salsa side by side. This is why The Las Vegas Salsa & Bachata Dance Academy specializes in these two styles of dance together (and only these two styles). 

Why haven't I heard of bachata?

Bachata has become popular more recently than salsa.


Bachata was danced primarily just in the Dominican Republic until the past decade. Then a musical artist named Juan Luis Guerra brought the music to the United States and overseas and this was the beginning of a rapid evolution and explosion in popularity of bachata around the globe. 


Musical artists like Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, and Aventura evolved bachata music with a nice modern and urban feeling.


At the same time, dancers picked up on the style and evolved it.


DJ’s then took it one step further and started layering bachata rhythms over some of the world’s most popular pop, R&B and other songs.


Dancers evolved their technique even more into what became known as “sensual bachata.”


As dancers posted their clips to social media, the whole world started to quickly fall in love with the dance. In short, it’s incredibly sexy and is danced to music that people already know and love. That perfect combination led to the explosion of bachata dancing.


Salsa dancers picked up on it quickly as well, since many of the skills in salsa carry over to bachata dancing.


Ten years from now, the general public will be well aware of bachata, just as they are with salsa. 

Should I learn salsa or bachata first?

Either is fine!

Although salsa is considered more technical and bachata tends to be easier to pick up, you can learn either first.  We tell people to learn first the one that inspires them the most. Many students actually decide to learn both dances at the same time!

Since salsa and bachata music are played together at events, you'll probably eventually learn both. 

The great news is that many of the skills you learn with one will carry over into the other.

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